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Say goodbye to yesterday's me, shuttle in the rush of people, chasing the wind and rain long, and book a dream tomorrow. ����The inscription is fascinating, the rain is soaked with the coolness of early spring, ��Hey, hehe...�� The mantle splashed on the glass window, as if he was ringing the last alarm for my soon-to-be-successful student. I don��t know about my dreams. A warm yellow light jumped into the bedroom cautiously, and my father��s low voice was in the ear: ��It��s estimated that you can only be shut out of the door!�� Time, the whole world seems to be clear, I suddenly get out of bed Sit up, hurriedly dressed, while washing and complaining: "What? 6:05? Why didn't my alarm clock think... Why didn't you call me earlier!..." Dad frowned frowning helplessly. Suddenly I saw that I grabbed my bag and ran out, and suddenly stopped me. I was full of anger: "Stop, don't go to school without breakfast!" I got used to my father's peace and sorrow, and my heart was mixed. The endless grievances slowly rose from the bottom of my heart and said, "Then you don't send me, it's too late to go to school after breakfast. Then what do you want me to do? Dad seems to realize his previous gaffe, my tears. Just in disappointment, Dad had to promise, and I sat down to eat with peace of mind. At about 6:20, I sat up with my bag and ran to my parents�� bedroom, but I heard a fierce quarrel. Voice: "She is all three, and she is late for her late arrival. It is her own mistake in the morning and her responsibility is pushed to you... You are everything according to her, let her go!" "Mom's words seemed so harsh at that moment. Then it was the silence in the bedroom. I was looking forward to it. I expected my father to refute my mother's words as usual. I thought that there was something I couldn't say in my heart. Yes - "Okay, she..." The second half of the sentence is "She should have grown up" and I didn't listen. The reason was stunned by the anger. I quickly rushed out of the house. The rain leached underground, not long after. I soaked my hair and slid down my cheeks. My inner sadness turned into a river at the moment. Dad gradually caught up with me from behind, worried and anxious. I gave him a look and he held it in his hand. The raincoat didn't wear it, but it kept me wearing it, but my heart refused. The rain grew bigger and worse, blurred my eyes. I barely rode in front, and my father carefully followed, as if I had already agreed It��s a good one. I think, is this what the mother asked him to do? I can��t restrain my inner anger anymore. I am angry and said: ��I hate my mother! If you don't send it, don't send it! Don't send it later! When I came, I didn��t speak to my father, and I followed me closely. He honked the horn from time to time, avoiding many cars for me, but the more I ran rampage. I suddenly stopped my bicycle, put on my raincoat, and started riding again. Although my heart was angry, I lost a lot Marlboro Cigarettes. Gradually, my heart began to calm down, slowly intertwined with the surrounding rain, and I remembered the scene of eavesdropping on my parents' quarrel. I kept repeating my mother's words in my heart. Somehow, there was a sense of openness in my mind. I seemed to understand how bad it was for a long time, my waywardness, my dependence on my father, my impulse and immaturity. All the cockroaches came to my mind, and I secretly glanced at Dad, and the rain drenched his hair and clothes. I said aloud, "I'm sorry." - Dad didn't hear, and the weak voice was lost in the rain. I was coming to school, and I brushed my card with relief. Although I am late, I am not at all sad, because I have said goodbye for so many years, and happily bid farewell to my father. I seem to see that tomorrow I am going to success to start the comment: the article selection is extraordinary, on the surface is the performance of my farewell to the wayward Wholesale Cigarettes, understand the father's good intentions, grow up, sensible, in fact, expressed the love of parents. The article describes the family turmoil before the "I" is late for school, and the contradictions are intertwined. Among them are the contradiction between the father who favors the daughter and the mother who is severely attached, the contradiction between the daughter of the angry father and the father who carefully escorted her daughter to school. The conflict prompted "I" to grow and eventually understand the true meaning of love.

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